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Select Equipment List:

  • Terry Audio CEQ

  • Amphion Monitoring,

  • Pass Designed Amps

  • Lynx Hilo AD/DA

  • SSL Mini Console,

  • SSL 502 EQ’s (from the Start Wars THX Console)

  • Stam 4K Buss Compressor

  • Weiss Limiting

  • DMG Audio

  • Fab Filter

  • Plugin Alliance

“The Master God”

Ras Bagle Dub Scientist

“I chose to work with John because he is thoughtful, uncompromising and experienced. He brought a special sensibility and patience to the Hermitess album. I had a specific tone in mind that he was able to help bring shape to, that sound is evident both in the way the album was recorded and in his careful attention to the final mixes.

Jen Crighton/ Hermitess

“Wo Sounds Dope”

Noah York/ Fuck Clouds

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